Jumat, 06 Mei 2011

I Love Surprise!

Today Im soooooo happy! :D 
I got other surprise from Indra!
(once again) I love the way he made the surprise. 
Today he brought back my backpack then I just put it at the corner of my room without open inside the bag. 
After we home back from lunch, he saw that I havent open the bag. 
He open it and gave me things from inside. (I think he couldn't wait for more long) 
He gave me an etnic bag and wallet from Aceh. It's so beautiful and red (my fave color)! 
Im sooo happy because when he went to Aceh I didnt ask souvenir or something. 
So I see this as his careness. I will upload the image after I capture it. I have no camera now :( 

  PS: Thank you, Indra! I love it so!